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Welcome to the new form of - I have been thinking about rebranding us for about 2 years now. I believe our new name transmits our ideals better and it is also more mature. Our days of being a /pc/ gaming chan only were 5 years ago, and we have enough perks to differentiate ourselves from all the chans out there that I believe we are entitled to our own name, and to being our own thing as an original website. I'm distancing myself from the chan archetype, something I was never very strongly about other than having a basic image board format. Unfortunately, I could not improve our layout before the name change. There are still pages that look very ugly and broken, and the frontpage while it has a lot of added functionality it still looks the same. But you can now filter the frontpage to your likings, just bookmark it after you hit the customize button. Lastly, I need to address the legal troubles we've had in the past week. To sum it up, I've been in email contact with Dutch Law enforcement and the issue is that: >This includes child modeling which sexual posing and focus on genitals. We concluded that not only made such child modeling files available, but also... Since to my knowledge I was already moderating everything with sexual posing, and law enforcement has said otherwise, posting of child modelling can no longer be allowed here. I wasn't told exactly what images caused this problem, but it is my understanding that: [part 1/2]

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Please, read this, and This,, before post.

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Welcome to /baby/ This board is for the posting of images and videos of newborns and infants. Never post illegal content to /baby/

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OFF TOPICstickylocked

Dammit, chums! We're having a hard enough time shaking the pedo-honeypot stigma as it is!

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>be me 24 & lonely >be her 20mo and cuuutie >laying in floor >under blanket >put my hand in diaper >rub soft toddy cunny >mmmm >nervous >take hand out >toddy grabs hand >puts back at top of her diaper >wants?? >okay!! >reinsert hand >rub smooth kitty for 15 mins >mom puts her to bed >go wank like crazy >week passes >get asked to babysit toddy >ok >alone with her >several hours to kill >lock doors >shut all curtains >coast is clear >get her naked >mmmm puffy pussy >rub it >lick it >rub dick on it >cum >clean up cum >still diamonds >lick her some more >finger butthole >make her orgasm >stick dick in her mouth >slide in and out >cum all over face. in mouth. on chest >clean up & take break to feed her >do it all over again >diamonds now just remembering >must wank!!

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We back, fags!

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Nudism thread Please read these articles before post,

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Our board is dead :(

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A thread for Aubrianna Pessia, the best baby ever.

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Penelope Luna