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Welcome to the new form of - I have been thinking about rebranding us for about 2 years now. I believe our new name transmits our ideals better and it is also more mature. Our days of being a /pc/ gaming chan only were 5 years ago, and we have enough perks to differentiate ourselves from all the chans out there that I believe we are entitled to our own name, and to being our own thing as an original website. I'm distancing myself from the chan archetype, something I was never very strongly about other than having a basic image board format. Unfortunately, I could not improve our layout before the name change. There are still pages that look very ugly and broken, and the frontpage while it has a lot of added functionality it still looks the same. But you can now filter the frontpage to your likings, just bookmark it after you hit the customize button. Lastly, I need to address the legal troubles we've had in the past week. To sum it up, I've been in email contact with Dutch Law enforcement and the issue is that: >This includes child modeling which sexual posing and focus on genitals. We concluded that not only made such child modeling files available, but also... Since to my knowledge I was already moderating everything with sexual posing, and law enforcement has said otherwise, posting of child modelling can no longer be allowed here. I wasn't told exactly what images caused this problem, but it is my understanding that: [part 1/2]

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Image taken from a user on cuckchan

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How to make money /general/ Alright Chums, how to squeeze extra cash, everything from advice on tax filing in the US and overseas to robbing the neighbors and insurance fraud. All advice is welcome >inb4 kys

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/biz/ is an official board now

Media deleted Needs way more dislikes yo!

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Don't waste your money on silver and gold, that time passed over a decade ago. The prices arent going up for a long time and if an apocalypse actually happens youre better off stockpiling silver bullets to trade. If you want to make money invest in companies that mine gold and silver before it's too late.

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Binary options trading- have any of you guys tried it and how did it go? I started trading binary options and calling/putting forex stocks in the early morning and setting the expiration for the late night works pretty well, because I can use trends over the past few days and trade deals to make a loaded guess on the outcome of the investment. It's a pretty shitty, catty way to do things, but hell for a lazy guy like me it's not bad.

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How do we pump n dump?