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How many videos and photos are there of Kristin the russian blonde?


>>82285 My response seems to have been deleted, likely due to the pic attached. There were a healthy handful of vids, ranging from the bedroom, to the general household areas, to the tub, to the garage/tool shed area (to name a few). The pictures were also a good amount, I think 2x-3x as many as there were vids, and every pic was worth it. My last drive crashed and I lost them all, so I couldn't give you an accurate amount off the top of my head.


I don't have an exact count but she has a 1hour compilation video when she was fairly young. Talking pre-puberty. Then she has another compilation video of about 30/40 minutes when she is a bit older and has breasts. So overall there is quite a lot of videos. And pictures? Easily in the hundreds

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