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Thread was moved to Off Topic Tell me something Off topic /co/ Judging by this trailer, is the plot of this movie respectful of source material? I'm not a huge /co/ guy, I've read some original x-men, some batmans like Hush, Arkham asylum and a little more, so tell me: does this movie have any bad premises that offend you as a /co/ fan so far?


Not for me. I've always treated movie adaptations as what-if or elseworld titles. They get rebooted every few years now too so who gives a shit, really? Any capefan old enough have had to deal with shit writers before too so I don't really get the hate when adaptations turn out to be vastly different from the source material. Also, source material tend to be utter shit often enough so good riddance. I also don't get all the whining when Supes killed Zod in MoS. Superman has been killing people off since the golden age.


>>1238 ewww

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