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I am unable to change the lock or sticky on my board /nsa


>>4315 Can you login as board admin?


>>4316 yes


>>4317 do you have more then one board under that admin account? make sure you selected the right one here if yes:


>>4318 no I only have /nsa and it says that I can not edit any boards at this time, perhaps during the purge my account has been disconnected from the /nsa board?


>>4318 also not sure if you noticed but loging in to an account gives you the board admin options at the bottom of every page on every board, instead of just the one you own

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>>4315 There is no admin to nsa. I made a global thread a while ago explaining that I would restore admin privileges manually, since you can have many boards under the same account now. Please contact me at with your former /nsa/ username, and which account name you'd like the board assigned to now. You can also request more boards (up to 10) to be under that same account if you have any

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